How to resolve my internal memory problem?

It is my Huawei p9 lite mini phone.

Very recently, after more or less normal functioning since the start, it keeps popping up the message all the time that the ‘memory is almost full’ and I need to click the message which redirects me to the phone manager to clean up some small amount of kb or mb to be able to coninue using the phone.
It is very irritating cause it is not possible to concentrate on anything since it is popping up all the time. After few seconds pause in between.

I have 64Gb sd card inside and moved everything possible on it from the internal memory. Uninstalled some apps. It worked fine for some time than it start happening again. Than I uninstalled almost every app, moved almost everything from the phone and after day or two it started again saying my memory is almost full.

I would like to know if there is a way to clean up the internal memory. I’ve tried many advices but none of them work here.
I didn’t tried with resetting it up to factory settings yet if that would work anyway.

What’s wrong with the phone, how can I not see what is it filed up with and be able to erase any unwanted tresh or whatever it is filled up more and more each day of me using it?

Thank you very much for any advice!

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