How to restore pics content of camera roll folder on phone’s storage that was deleted

So phone has been having problems (lagging, did not connect to laptop, crashes when connects to home network(ever since we ‘upgraded’ it was working before)). When we were trying to clean up some files transfering pics from the phone storage ( not the camera roll of micro sd card), while connected to the laptop via cable, a message saying deleting camera folder appeared
Oh snap
Pressed promptly on cancel, it seemed fine.
When we went back we saw that storage was considerably more available,
oh snap again
Be hold, no camera folder in dcim in phone. At all. Recycle bin on laptop did not feature anything.
Tried using some online software on laptop, on laptop joint with phone, on phone, not much use. It seems only a smaller part was actually restored
We don’t really have feasible way to know whether about 3 years of all pics which was restored or not, one by one but a lot of what we know definately not. Especially the older ones🙈 So we need a reliable way/software to restore those
Any suggestions you guys on how to restore these all ? Had some work related stuff as well. Oh snap, did we say that already? Yeah, oh snap
Help please
Many thanks to the community

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