How to stop Verizon now from backing up to OneDrive

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 & Note 20 Ultra
Greetings all. I have a Verizon Note20 ultra. When I set the phone up, I somehow configured it to backup to OneDrive every night. I don’t recall how I did it but at some point the Note asked me if I wanted to substitute OneDrive for Samsung cloud (which samsung is now offering as part of it’s partnership with Microsoft). Without going into all the reasons why, I don’t want this happening anymore. I don’t want anything to do with OneDrive because of some issues at work.

I can’t figure out how to turn that option off though. In the backup and restore menu in settings, you can only see the Google backup option (because of Verizon’s supper annoying attempts to blackmail you into using their cloud).

Samsung cloud and OneDrive are both on the phone and can’t be deleted, although samsung cloud is not accessible.


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