How to transfer live call from Caller “A” to Caller “B”

I am completely lost trying to google this information. There are thousands of how to "redirect" or "forward" calls but only a few about how to "transfer" an active call to another contact, which are for specific older smartphones.

What I want to do:
I am getting a call from contact A, I put A on hold, dial the number of contact B and then "transfer" the call from A to B.
It’s not a conference call. I want to be able to end the call after connecting A to B without ending their connection.

I am using a Samsung LG Velvet and a Samsung Note 10 – BOTH on Android version 11. I cant figure out how to do this. The only option I have when juggling 2 calls simultaneously is conference call.

The ability to do this is critical for my current Role. I work in Radiology IT and will often need to transfer Techs/Nurses/Doctors to other departments.

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