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There has been a recent update with Samsung (that I did not do myself)
and after the update I tried to access my notes to only find that all of my old notes are now not accessible.. I have certain notes on the there I would like to keep and when I try to view the old notes it tells me "to view this note you need to install the Samsung notes add on" so i click install only to be led to a screen that then tells me "for security reasons you phone is not allowed to install unknown apps from this source" I click on settings instead of cancel and it displays me a screen that says " Samsung notes, allow from this source" with the little tab to swipe it to activate instead of remain non activated… underneath where I should be swiping this tab in order to allow the new Samsung notes ad on it displays a message "installing apps from this source may put your phone and data at risk" so obviously i don’t activate the new Samsung notes add on and now my phone is left with all of my old notes non accessible.

Can any one help me with this issue, i cant export them to my computer either the only option I’m given with my old notes is to delete them or to "update new Samsung notes add on" which loops me round to the problem I’ve described above.

Thank you all for your help.


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