How to unbrick SM-T580 with locked bootloader (Odin doesn’t work)

People, I have a real challenge on my hands and barely have any experience with Android so I must ask for some help. I’ll try to describe as short as possible.
– Girlfriend’s Tab A6 was working fine and suddenly was bricked. Don’t ask me how..
– USB Debugging is disabled and OEM Locked 🙁
– Simple methods to unbrick failed so I wanted to flash to stock with Odin. But Odin doesn’t play nice with my Surface Pro 7. (keeps failing at writing system.img) All I can do is flash stock recovery. Heimdall is not working properly either. Yes I use the correct stock firmware, tried different Odin versions etcetera..
– Samsung Smart Switch (and Kies) software does not recognize the tablet so can’t do emergency recovery there.

Now I only have access to download mode and stock recovery. Locked bootloader and no way to unlock it (?). If I could flash CWM I could install stock firmware via SD card but it seems like I am stuck.
Yes use a different PC ofcourse probably would work but this is not so easy for me to arrange.
Is there any other way? Been reading and trying things for 2 days but maybe I am missing something?

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