HRM – Poor Accuracy…

This is basically a cross-post to a thread on the GalaxyWatch sub-reddit. For GW4 owners that read and post here, it’s beneficial to be aware of the HRM issues that many of us owners experience.

Also, if anyone here has a fix, please let me know! Using the GW4 as tool to support exercise and health is a main goal for Samsung, and they are off the mark in this respect.

For me, I have the super-high HRM readings when exercising. At rest, the GW4 is relatively accurate, but it goes wildly off the charts when running. I have submitted an error report to Samsung, and they basically said to do a factory reset, which I am not inclined to do at this moment, given the time it would take to set the watch back up and the fact that I doubt that’s the problem.

So, please weigh-in if you experience the same issue or if you have a suggested fix.


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