Huawei P30pro and Facebook connection 😢

Hey guys. This Huawei cloud is making me crazy!!! 😢
I upgrade from a P30Lite to a P30 Pro.

All worked well with phone clone but when I want to post a photo with the Facebook app, my gallery is empty. So I have to search that specific photo, then download it to the device, and then it shows up if I reopen Facebook and I can see that specific photo in de gallery. So annoying!!!
So I thought, what the heck, I just download all my cloud photos to the deceive, but that ‘s causing a mess because all my photo’ s are downloaded by date and are not synced by date taken. Pfiew. Driving me crazy. I don’t like the Facebook desktop version, but with the desktop version (browser), I can access Google photos but no video’s.
Can someone help me out? Thanks and grtz from Belgium. 😉

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