Huge Connection Problem w/ My 6 Pro

So upgraded from Pixel 4 xl. Never had any issues with any of my apps connecting to network and now I have all kind of issues.

* My discord app shows me "connecting" animation like 50% of the time and takes forever to connect and update
* Same with Twitter app
* I subscribe to a service that does recorded webinars on zoom. I am now not able to stream them on chrome, like literary 5 seconds after the streaming starts, it buffers and goes no where no matter what the hell I do.
So damn annoying.

As soon as I put the sim back in my pixel 4 xl, EVERYTHING works flawlessly.

Anyone else having this kind of connectivity crap?
This is crazy. I am still on November patch. I reset my network in the network setting and didn’t help. I disabled 5g and this **** also happens on LTE.

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