I accidentally clicked a malicious link and I am unsure if my android device is at risk


Browsing throught google results I accidentally clicked on a malicious website. It didn’t download anything and I closed the tab immediatelly. I deleted all storage from the browser and uninstalled it afterwards.

However, looking on the internet, some people say that if you did not install anything suspicious on android you are fine. But, others say that keyloggers and other kinds of malware can be injected just by loading the website.

I scanned the link in Urlscan io and the result came back as: Pontentially Malicious.

The "behavior" tab showed 40 javascript functions but I am not able to understand whether those functions could have compromised the device or not.

I performed a Complete Scan with Kaspersky internet security from Google play store and the scan was clear.

I would be so grateful to receive some help.

Thank you

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