I am completely baffled… Please somebody help

I changed carriers a couple months ago from T-Mobile to Verizon. The phone that I ported in is a Samsung Galaxy is a Samsung Galaxy 20FE.
Was not having any issues with the phone but a few days a few days ago coincidentally after downloading a is downloading a Samsung update a message popped up on the screen stating that the SIM card was emcard was going to expire in a few days and that would no longer have access to any other providers or something like that period I immediately reached out to Verizon to ask about it and he said for me to contact T-Mobile because it was on their end cause it was a mirror and. So I did and they assured me they assured me that there was nothing on their end , that everything was fine that they had completely released the phone. Mind you I have been using the phone without any problem. I called again- In fact I called 4 more times just to see if I would get the same answer each time or different and to my surprise I got the same answer. So so they told me this is T-Mobile referring to that there was nothing wrong on there and that I’m there and that the SIM card had expired add expired yet Verizon tells me that the SIM card in there is there is theirs so why would it have expired?? Let me also add that when I restart the phone I still get the T-Mobile logo.. Verizon swears that I have Verizon SIM card and t-mobile swears that they have released a phone completely. So I just figured it would take care of itself after I kept getting the same responses so last night I went to make a phone call and I got a message saying that I was not registered out of network or something and so that I so that I was not able to make a call I could only make emergency calls. I was so stumped so I was able to call T-Mobile and they assured me once again that there was nothing on their end that it had to be with the new Carrier. So I called Verizon on chat and we were literally on the phone for over 4 hours until 4:30 a.m. This morning. They were trying everything and Eventually they stated that I needed to get a new SIM card and that would solve the problem. Now mind you when I say everything was fine until last night- what I mean by that is I was no longer able to make calls I was never any longer able to receive calls. I was only able to make emergency calls. So so I did try to put the SIM code passcode in but II guess I was putting in the wrong one so it locked me out of the phone completely! Talked Verizon again last night -that was the 4 hour marathon call and they told me. They tried multiple solutions but none of them worked so they told me that I needed to go get a new SIM card.. So I went into to Verizon this evening to get a new SIM card and was told that they could give me one but they were unable to register it. the system was not allowing them to do that.
When I was speaking to Verizon last night they also suggested that I contact Samsung and that they would be able to unlock the phone for me but that is not true. I call Samsung and after going through everything that we’d already done there was nothing more for her to do she said that It was not a manufacturer problem but a provider problem. For which provider. No one is taking ownership but both are placing blame.
So insummation I believe these are very significant and have something to do with why the phone isn’t working:
The T-Mobile logos still coming up when I restart the phone, why is that?
Why did I get the message a few days ago about the SIM card expiring?
If it’s expiring because I no longer have service with T-Mobile that would make a little bit of sense except for I’m told that the SIM card I have is Verizon’s.
Also I think I forgot to mention that after I attempted to Use the phone it would not let me and and when I tried to put the code in that I thought it was it totally blacked me out. It says a pin is blacked it’s locked so I can’t even get in the phone. So I need to know how to get into the phone to get passet locked screen and once I’m in there what do we need to do to fix everything else.?
I know my post see this long and I apologize but I’m hoping that someone will take the time to read it and come up with a solution for me. I’m so frustrated because like I said nobody is taking ownership of this and it should not be me.

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