I am Folding on getting the phone…

I finally decided my interest in tech is stronger than the tiny bit of outrage at the current cell phone market.

With the current trade-in offer AT&T has the overall cost for the Fold 3 will cost me half per month than I paid for my last phone. I know I will need a charging block, actually I will need 2 so I can have one at work. In the future I would like to add a wireless charger, over the years using my current phone the charging plug had gotten worn out so the charging cable would not stay without help. I will also get a cheap set of headphones, I am finding I need them more and more.

I have also been looking through the phone case post. I am a fan of Spigen and UAG cases, they both have been very good protection and have cases that I think look good. Is the Spigen Tough Armor one of the only cases with hinge protection? I am not interested in cases that cover the front screen I know I would find it annoying with it flapping around. Are there other methods for protecting the hinge?

I will miss the s-pen I found myself using that more as well. The additional cost for the one for the Fold 3 is too much. Maybe in the far future.

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