I can’t install one specific app. Please help!

Hello people, hope you’re having a good day/evening.

I’m starting a thread to get some help on my problem regarding the installation of an app. I was using this app when all of the sudden my device crashed and rebooted, then, after rebooting, this message showed up:

"uids on the system are inconsistent you need to wipe your data partition or your device"

So apparently, to solve this problem you need to get rid of one particular app that is causing the problem (the app I was using). After clicking the "I’m feeling lucky" button, the device automatically deleted the app and all of the other apps’ data.

Long story short, I want to reinstall this app but the device is "blocking" me from doing it. I checked all the configs and everything seems fine.

Also, I want to add that the downloading works fine, It’s just the installation that is being a problem.

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