I caved in and got the Note 20 Ultra, love the phone, hate the size!

I stuck to my Note 10 when the Note 20 was released. I didn’t like the bigger sizes. Couple of months ago I was tired of the 10, got some cash unexpectedly and decided to give the note 20 ultra a go. The smaller N20 was a no go because it was a **** poor downgrade as far as I’m concerned. I got the Note 20 ultra, fantastic phone, loving all its features and can’t get enough of the display but……. I absolutely hate how heavy it is. I have petite hands and it’s a real struggle using the phone. These days I find myself going around with my iPhone XS when I’m doing stuff around the house or going out without a purse. It sucks that sansung considers a gorgeous phone like this only for men cos the size is a no no for most women. And they wonder why women like iPhone 🙄. Give me a phone with all the bells and whistles on a nice, slim 5.8 or 6 inch screen. I’m tired of lugging a humongous phone that doesn’t fit into most of my pockets and feels too heavy. It’s a solid phone, the best I’ve ever used but I’m not happy about the size and won’t be getting another one if this annoying trend continues. If people want bigger screens for games and movies, they can use dex!

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