I ditched Apple… AGAIN!

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Hey everyone, it’s Guppy again. Some of you may remember me: I keep bouncing between Apple and Samsung like a pinball on steroids.
For a while I did enjoy my Apple products, I really did. In an urban environment, I love iPhone and iPad.

But that’s just it:
I no longer live in urban areas.
When in California, I’m in the middle of nowhere in the Sierra foothills, and when in Washington, I’m even further out in the middle of nowhere right below the Canadian border, WiFi will never get to those areas, ever.

And we’ll, you know, Apple can be a lot of fun, but when it comes to letting me do what I need on data, FUHGETABOUTIT.
I feel tethered and under the control of the love child of Steve Jobs and Nurse Radchet, this just won’t do.
Also, the last Apple updates, well… don’t get me started, we’re not allowed to swear, here!

So I got (drumroll please…) the incomparable Samsung galaxy Note 20 Ultra and I’m getting either tomorrow or the next day, a Samsung galaxy S7 5G tablet.

So for the record, I come from iPhone X… my Note 20 feels like a magic carpet ride at Mach speed, my my my, how the Note has changed!
And no matter where I am, while some functions still need WiFi, almost everything can be done on data, it’s fast, it’s become surprisingly user friendly since the Note 3, and I absolutely love it.

So that’s it. Since I now shun cities and urban anything like the plague, I’m back to being a happy Android user. 🙂


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