I finally got samsunged

Samsung always pushes an update that just completely tanks a device for me. At that point I am literally done with it and looking at how I can rid myself of that device.

My battery life after this last update dropped to 35% battery life left with 1.5 hours of sot at the end of the day. This is just freaking ridiculous, I was at around 35% battery life with 3 hours of sot before this last update.

I really want to use android as it is my preference but it’s hard when garbage updates ruin phones. Then it takes 2 months for you carrier to push an update.

Is there an actual way to track services not just apps using battery. Since samsungs battery doesn’t actually tell you anything about services using the battery. The battery tracker in good gaurdian is as useful as an ashtray on a motorcycle.

Literally the last samsung device I will ever own. That makes me sad because I really love this phone. Its 2021 and it’s still not possible to do proper testing and put out quality software.

It’s been fun hanging back in the android camp. Unless the pixel 6 is more than a midrange back to ios. At least with ios I don’t have to wait for garbage carriers to push updates.

I could always do unlocked, since I switch every 6-12 months that would get massively expensive. I don’t trust samsungs trade in program. I did with my apple watch for the galaxy watch 3. I am sure they will try and find something wrong with a mint watch. I will find out soon enough on that one.

For those who are curious, I have the s21 5g with tmobile. After this last update I did run the galaxy app booster as well.

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