I have 3 things I want to setup with my new google next mini gen2:

I have a playlist called "Spiritual" on spotify that has 10 songs.

Each morning I want to setup either a morning routine/ media alarm / sunrise event that will achieve the following use case:

Have the playlist play from 4am Continuously for 1 hour and then stop and turn itself off.

I have tried to setup this use case with the command "hey google, set music to play at 4am each morning"… However, this turns off in about 5-10 minutes. I do not want that.

I want a routine that will play for 1 hour each morning and then turn off.

Please provide me these steps

I have a playlist called "Binural Beats" on spotify

I want to set a process up so AUTOMATICALLY, my entire playlist starts playing for 1 hour Every night at 9pm and then turns itself off.

Please provide me these steps

I have my own audio that I have installed on my own device as an MP3.

This audio file is sitting in a folder that I have full access too.

How do I perform points 1 and 2 with my own audio and not a playlist on spotify

Please provide me these steps

Kindly reply with a quick walkthrough video or reply to each question in-line for my reference

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