I have moved everything I can to an SD card and more.

I have moved everything I can to an SD card. I have deleted almost every app except my calendar and text message apps. I mean EVERYTHING! I have turned off every google app I can and disabled every app that can’t be removed. I have only one email app still working but clean it all the time. My SD card has 14 gigs free. My phone storage has 45 megs left out of 16 gigs! What uses 16 gigs? This is a Galaxy S5. I’ve removed, (3 times) all that I can. I’m running on a skeleton phone! EVERY APP that I can, I’ve deleted. What is the problem here? I saw someone say ‘clean master’ but I tried. I have no room to download it. I have nothing left to remove! Anybody run into this? Doesn’t seem that many apps can be moved to the SD card but now, I only have apps that the phone came with and most are disabled.

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