I have to unlock every time I switch on

Alcatel Android Phones
I have an Alcatel 4010X which I bought to replace a Nokia 4310. Both were registered to the Virgin network and I used the same SIM on both. However, I didn’t like Virgin’s data charging model so I reverted to using the Nokia. Last year I bought an O2 SIM and got an unlock code from Virgin (actually two 8-digit codes which were both needed). I unlocked the phone successfully and started using the O2 SIM but then inadvertently allowed it to lapse and deactivate after not using it for a long time. I continued using the Virgin SIM on the Nokia.

I have now bought a new SIM from 1p Mobile which works but I need to unlock the phone every time I switch it on (using Virgin’s Code 2 but not Code 1). Why is this happening? Surely the phone was unlocked from Virgin last year so how has it apparently re-locked itself?


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