I like this phone so much I got it again!!!

This device left a hell of an impression on me. I did an upgrade when it launched to try it out. I set it up to where I would still pay on my iPhone mini and keep it. I did this because I was like yeah there is no way I am going to keep this device ever and will go back to iPhone. After I sent the device back I had returners remorse if that’s even a thing haha.

Here I am today with the s21 and a return kit for the 12 mini!!

This is just a solid device with no complaints except my post earlier about t-mobile, but that has nothing to do with this phone. I did have a few issues with android auto when I tried the phone before. Google put out an update on the 23rd to address issues with the new samsung devices. I can say that it is a much smoother experience using android auto now. The one thing that I enjoy the most about iPhone is they just work, you get it you set it up and it just goes. That is how I feel about the S21, I set it up and it just works. It was seamless, I was able to use smart switch to transfer over just about everything from my iPhone.

For those curious I have the regular S21 with 256 storage.

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