I need to know if I can roll back

Hello guys, I have a Samsung S10 G973W which was updated back in January with Android 11, compilation G973WOYV4FUA2. This update granted me the Android 11 benefits but censors started failing frequently not allowing normal working for 2 days before failing again. Once I reset it the device started working normally and expected to resolve these issues with the next update but unfortunately nothing happened. Using Samsung members to ask for help only got me useless recommendations. I went back to Android 10, compilation G973WOYV4ETK1
and the device started work normally for several weeks with no censors problems. Recently the updated G973WOYV5GUBG

went out and I realized that is "5" GUBG instead of "4" ETK1 as the one I’m using now. I’m not sure about to go from G973WOYV5GUBG to G973WOYV4ETK1 if the censors issues and Android 11 cannot be fixed. I’ll be thankful if get confirmation about the ability to roll back from "5GUBG" to "4ETK1" version if needed.

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