I still love it

I got my S7 5G in December, iirc.
It has kept me well entertained while recovering from surgery as well as enabled me to do all sorts of paperwork and various signings on screen thanks to the S-pen, it connects and loads so much faster than any Apple product I’ve owned before, and now that I decided to switch to Google photos instead of Samsung gallery it actually syncs to my Note 20 Ultra even better (shame on me, I’m turning into a Google fan [emoji1787])

I’m really hoping that Samsung keeps releasing this type of quality products in the future because I haven’t had this much fun with mobile devices before, ever.
It’s weird because I’m hopelessly tech challenged, there’s a lot of stuff pertaining to Android /Samsung /Google that I absolutely do not understand yet I’m finding everything about this tablet simply delightful.

They say an Apple a day keeps the doctor away… But it sure made me need a shrink for every lousy update [emoji23]

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