I think I made a mistake…

So back in December, I was having so many issues with my T-Mobile branded Note 9. They had a promotion where if you traded in the Note 9 or other various devices, they would credit you monthly for a Oneplus 8 or Oneplus 8T. Well, I went with it and traded in my Note 9 for a Oneplus 8 as my battery was in really bad shape. I should have just had the battery replaced from UbreakIfix.

I now see about two months later that this was a mistake! I certainly miss my Note 9. I miss having an actual headphone jack AND a micro sd card slot as well as various other things. I listen to music a lot in the car, and having to use a dongle type adapter SUCKS. I am now on my second or third one and they stop working properly within about a few weeks. Never had that problem considering I had a headphone jack in the Note. Being able to use wireless charge on the Note if I wanted to was also nice. The in screen finger print scanner works only like half of the time. I miss having the wide variety of cases to choose from with the Note 9 with built in screen protectors and not having to worry about the finger print scanner impacting that considering it sometimes tend to not work with certain screen protectors. I also got better service on my Note 9. I am hoping that isn’t restricted to the carrier branded version though.

I actually got somewhat lucky though and ordered a unlocked Note 9 from Samsung that was CPO for 400/11 bucks a month. It’s used, but hell, I will try it. I can’t really say much good about my Oneplus 8 now other than the charging speeds. The screen quality looks better than the Note. That’s about it. Sadly I am stuck with it. I guess I will keep it as my backup device.

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