I think my phone has a virus/malware

Disclaimer: I dont know nothing about technology like this so anything i might have found suspicious may not be and *viceversa*

I downloaded a 2 "sinful" lets say. Apk games. After my realisation that i didn’t want this game i deleted it from device storage and uninstalled it. Because i believed that the game was unsafe i factory reset my phone. I dont know if the app has downloaded anything that installs on startup or something.
This is a samsung j3 2016 phone

Lets start from the beginning. When i start up my device from factory reset (which i have done repeatedly) i sign into my gmail so i can update the apps on google play such as youtube to be able to use the app. I then click on youtube. The ads at the top that normally show up are device cleaner. Clean 99% or a jackpot game. Which i dont think is normal but i dont know. I also dont have ad personalisation on.

2. Eg.
When i go onto my files i get to this

And this of i click cache file instead


I think there was another one to do with maps but i cant find it at the moment

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