I want to upgrade to a new samsung but I am still hesitant

I currently have the samsung galaxy s10 which I bought 2 years ago. I am really happy with this phone, and yes I like the curved screen :p. I am hugely satisfied with its display, speed, memory, sound.. everything pretty much. But after 2 years of spoiling the battery it is almost impossible to go through a whole day without charging it at least twice in 24 hours. If I use it to play, listen to music or even just text, the battery goes down like 1% per 2 minutes. I’m really anxious however to choose a new phone to buy. I’ve only had samsung phones through the years because I truly trust samsung as a compamy and I do appreciate their innovative ideas. However, I feel like samsung has left me with few options. For instance battery life, many people claim that even the new s21 and s21 plus are not quite as good as they should be. The s21 ultra has way better battery life (again according to reviews) but it is crazily expensive. I look forward to s21fe and s22 phones release date, but still, i am worried that they are going to be expensive and most importantly still not tested and reviewed. I am thinking of choosing a model from the A series A52s perhaps. This would be a downgrade tho, right? I would love to read what you think. What phone should I change to? Or just what samsung phone do you find vfm.

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