Icon badges broken after Android 11 update (Nova w/TeslaUnread)

So I’ve been using Nova Launcher and TeslaUnread for my last 3 or 4 phones… It just keeps transferring over whenever I migrate to my new phone and I never changed it. It has done everything I needed it to do, give me the stupid Unread Messages app icon badges counter number thing. I originally got Nova Launcher when I got my Google Nexus 6 which had no native badges/counters.

So now that my Galaxy S10e just updated to A11, some of the badges don’t show up anymore. Mainly the Google Messages (text messages) one.

Is Nova Launcher outdated now? What do people use?

** My biggest issue with just using the Nova Launcher badge counter, the badge goes away when you go into the app (but the item is still Unread). Example: I have an unread text/conversation in Messages that I don’t want to read yet. I open Messages to look at a different conversation and don’t go into the conversation with the new message at all, so I don’t touch that conversation. When I exit Messages, the badge is gone and I have no way of knowing there is still an Unread text in there. TeslaUnread took care of that, but now on A11 TeslaUnread is totally f’d. I cleared it’s cache and now it shows I have 3 unread texts when in fact I have zero LOL!

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