Idle Warrior – Hero

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Kill monsters, collect rewards and top the rankings.

Warrior Game for 2021, you must collect coins and reach high scores to be the leader!

– Online Ranking System.
– Good graphics, Animations.
– Play with your friends and compete with excitement in the rankings.
– Earn experience points, gold and diamonds by doing different missions.
– Kill monsters on this road to infinity and get to the top of the rankings.


You can earn gold even when Not in the game!
When you enter the game with the offline gold system, you can get the time you stay offline as gold.


Boss System
You can earn extra rewards by attacking boss creatures in the game.

Skill System
Strengthen your character with abilities such as running, gold, exp bonus.

Spirit System
Collect souls by slaying creatures and unlock awesome weapons!

Daily Rewards
– Log in the game every day and get your daily rewards.
– These rewards include diamonds, exp, gold and bonus tickets, etc.

– You can get extra exp and gold by using diamonds.

Auto Attack
– When activated, it automatically attacks monsters and collects gold. Just open and watch!


Download Link : Google Play

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