If You Miss Squeeze Sides of Pixel to Open Google Assistant, There’s a New Method on 5a

I really liked the squeeze the sides of my Pixel 2XL to open the Google Assistant. It was a quick, non-verbal way of opening Google Assistant. (No need to say “Hey Google” or to tap your screen.) I kind of missed having this feature when I got my 5a.

I’ve since found a new feature on my 5a that I didn’t have on my 2XL—Quick Tap. I’m now using this to open Google Assistant. Two quick taps to the back of my 5a and Google Assistant opens. This is very similar in function to the squeeze for Google Assistant on my 2XL.

You can use Quick Tap to do things other than open Google Assistant. You can use it to open an app, show notifications, take a screenshot, play/pause media, etc.

This feature can be found by tapping Settings > System > Gestures

Give it a try!

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