I’m FINALLY back after a long break…

So many of you probably know me by the username from my old account, "milleniumdroid".

The reason I got rid of that account was that I became ashamed over the fact that I let my severe mental health issues spill into things like the politics and coronavirus threads, etc… I decided that I needed a break to figure myself out, so I erased the old tainted account and vowed to come back when my mental health was fixed. The reason I didn’t totally give up on this forum is cause, well, someone (you know very well who you are) once DM-ed me saying I was among the best members on this forum (no kidding, I was famous at the time for explaining stuff super well).

For those interested in what caused the mental health issues, I will make a purely fact-based and honest thread in the politics section (when I have the energy, don’t expect it anytime soon) talking about how I was unknowingly the victim of some pretty nasty political and religious extremist brainwashing by my very own family that was bad enough that it literally made me phobic of a deeper more personal part of myself. The self-phobia was what was causing my depression issues that were very evident from the behavior and posts on my old account. When I recently started allowing myself to freely be who I am and rejected all negativity (deep thanks to my one close Discord friend for helping me and validating my personal feelings), my depression quite literally vanished. A little side effect of this though is that any of you who knew me from my old account will need to get used to referring to me by my new pronouns (they/she/her) instead of my old he/him ones.

As for what phone I have, well it’s the same trusty ol’ Galaxy S8 just with worse screen burn-in…

I’ve been really missing this forum and the amazing members I used to regularly talk to, so hear I am ready to soar!

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