I’m in a Group Messaging pickle – HELP!

Hello, so here’s my conundrum.

I use Google Messenger and also it’s Web App to mms from my PC.

I started a group with two of my buddies months ago and we’ve been having a great discussion with Memes, Gifs being posted successfully.

Well yesterday I was looking into security and was testing out Signal. I made it my default and that’s when all hell broke loose.

I was removed from the Messenger thread and so I made Messages the default again but the damage was done, the group was broken. And now none of us can even create another group to continue our back and forth. Myself and my one friend will be able to chat but our other buddy, using a samsung, can’t see the group discussion, just mine, and he can’t even post gifs or memes.

Is there any advice on how to successfully get a group going again between the three of us? BTW, everyone is on Android.

Thanks so much.

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