IMEI2 Cert Install huawei y9 prime (stk-lx3)

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I wouldnt be starting this contact form, but honestly im out of ideas :'(.
I currently have a Huawei Y9 (Model STK-LX3 using Hilisilicom 710F) sold by phone carrier as Single SIM, as well it only shows 1 IMEI number after dialing *#06#. Heres my problem, the phone does have a sim tray that accepts both nano SIM/SD Card or Dual Nano SIM mode, unlocked for all networks. After insterting both SIMs, phone still reads only 1 since it only shows 1 IMEI (as well SIM Manager does not show in mobile network settings).

Instructions on the box itself says that is DUAL sim, an its sold as single sim in Central America.
I thought that it was a firmware issue and reinstalled another one, based on my location i use C605 in build number, ive tried unlocking bootloader with DC Unlocker, HCU Client and HUawei Multi tool, but all throws an error for security patch not supported.

Someone already told that its a certificate missing that activates sim reader on the slot 2 for the second SIM. But problem is that theres little or no information on how and what is the type used for my model. since you are in the firmware/cert business I wonder if you can please help me out on this I would really apprpeciate if you can help me just on pointing out what would be the certificate missing on my phone and the rest I can figure it out myself, but please im clueless on what cert type is needed.

PD: i will be trying sigmakey on testpoint to try to make this happen. I just need your guidance on the certtype needed.

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