Important (to me) Gimbal Question

OK. I just ended up buying a new LG Velvet. For the most part, it’s a nice phone. But the reason for this post is this. I’ve ordered 2 separate gimbals from Amazon for my ANDROID phone just to have to return them because not all the features worked unless I was using an iphone. This is my 1st post, so I’ll tone it down. But what I’m feeling right now is ‘to hell with iphones’. I’ve owned 1, and will never, ever own another.
I’m looking for a gimbal that works with Android using ALL the features of the gimbals’ software…not a third or 1/2 of the features.
Can anyone please advise me to best gimgal for an Android? I want a good one, and I one that allows me to use all the features it offers.
Sorry if this post is a little off base, but I’m still steamed about what I just posted. I’ll be checking back here quite often in hopes for a couple good recommendations. Thanks in advance.

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