Initial Impressions 46mm Silver

Received my GW4 Classic in silver today. I charged it up while finishing up work and then logged into T-Mobile and swapped the e-SIM to the new watch. Set up Samsung Pay. Went pretty smoothly. Played around a bit with various settings and apps. Still have a lot to look at.

Looking at the the GW4 side by side with the GW3, the GW4 Feels a bit smaller. Mainly in the thickness, but the narrower 20 mm band is noticable. The mounting points for the band are thinner as well. It’s not necessarily a terrible look, but the GW3 feels a lot beefier. One thing that jumps out is that the GW3 had a high polished surface around the bevel. The GW4 has a media blasted surface. It looks good, but I definitely prefer the polished surface personally, especially with stainless steel bands. The sides for both watches have a brushed stainless finish. I still have my GS3 Frontier. I’m trading it in as the battery is starting to show it’s age. Loved that watch as my daily watch as the finish is super durable. Banged that sucker against all kinds of trucks and their parts and no scratches. The stainless watches just look way better when dressed up.

Bands. Mine came with the grey sportsband. Functions just fine and feels comfortable, but just looks cheap and doesn’t really match the aesthetics of the classic version. It does make the watch feel a little wider though as the band widens out just past the mounting tabs and tapers back down so it has great visual proportions. I’d suspect the black watch with a black sport band may look pretty good.

I’m pretty disappointed that Samsung decided on a 20mm band. Just doesn’t look as good. I had ordered a Fullmosa stainless band on Amazon and it is a hair too wide. Going to try and return it. I could machine it down, but if I’m going to do that, I’d rather machine some clearance out of the band I’m using on my GW3 at work. The GW4’s band tabs are more square in appearance, so it may look pretty good if I just notch a millimeter on each side. The GW3 band tabs are much more angular so a notch would probably look a little funny.

Just my initial thoughts now that I have mine. Photo of the GW4, GW3, and GS3 Frontier are attached. The GW3 be ha a stainless Ringke bezel cover. Gotta figure out how to take that off before I sell it. Lol

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