Instagram app & Android navigation buttons

I despise the redesigns of the Instagram app – the worst is that at the bottom center, instead of the + button to add a photo you have this ‘reels’ thing where you get random people’s videos, and to add a photo you have to hunt it down among the junk at the top right.


I also am very inconvenienced by the fact that the Android navigation buttons are suppressed when you’re in Instagram, so if I want to get back to my home screen I have to swipe upwards from the bottom of the app and get them to show, and HOPE that I don’t also accidentally swipe left or right at the same time, which I almost always do, thus having to do this multiple times till I get it exactly right and the navigation buttons stay showing long enough for me to hit the middle one.

This problem went away for a bit, but with the latest update of the app it’s back.

Is there some way to force Instagram to display my Android navigation buttons at the bottom of the window instead of me having to chase them around when I want to drop out of the app?

Thanks! this makes me unreasonably grumpy!

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