Installing Android on a PC

So i have a Toshiba Encore wt8-B, Small little tablet with Intel Atom, 1.83GHZ 1gig ram, 32 GIG HD.

I am running Android X86- 8.1.0 , 64 bit, solely on it. ( 32 bit wont run on it for some reason).
( had win 10 on it, can’t reload it B/C touch screen wont work with re load,,,, many have this problem with reloading windows on it).

Decided to try Android, Touch screen works fine, Android seems to run on it ok but:

It sucks the battery down real fast ( Yes i have tweaked all the settings, shut down back ground apps), still sucks batter down fast–did NOT do this with Win 10.

Camera wont work either, tried various cam apps, not work. Yes Camera shows up in Apps, and is enabled.

Some apps wont run, Prime Video, Electurm, Kindle on it either.

Is there a better Android OS to run on this? ( Have tried, 9.0, 7.1 and others) Only one that runs reasonably well is current one I have installed on it. X86- 8.1.0. 64 bit.

Is there a better Android OS I could try?

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