Internet issues on unlocked phone

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 & Note 20 Ultra
Okay so the past two phones that I have bought I decided to get it unlocked model to work on Verizon. So far everything has been okay so I thought but I do delivery apps like GrubHub and stuff like that. and a lot of times when I go to sign on those apps it’ll tell me that I do not have a stable internet connection and I spoke with GrubHub today and they did confirm that my internet will keep shutting off and on like every minute or so. I have reset the phone numerous times I’ve reset my network settings factory reset the phone and still having the issue I also did get a new SIM card for Verizon as well. So I’m curious if there’s a way to potentially fix this. I also thought about flashing Verizon’s from where on here just to see if that makes a difference.


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