Is flashing firmware using ODIN safe?

Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10+
For the past year, I’ve had issues getting the OTA updates onto my ATT S10 phone. I have to contact ATT and ask them to push the update to my phone, and then I have to pull the SIM card and use a different ATT SIM card from my wife’s iPad to get it installed. I’ve changed my SIM card twice now and still have issues getting OTA updates.

Iv’e read that downloading the firmware and flashing it myself using the Odin tool is an option, but I’m worried that I might brick my phone. Here are a few questions:

– How safe is it to use Odin to flash the firmware?
– Where can I get the proper firmware for my phone? I have an ATT carrier S10 which I’ve unlocked by entering the proper unlock code from ATT. Looking on my phone, the model is SM-G6973U and the CCS value is "OYN".
– My phone is not rooted. Can I still use Odin to flash it?
– Will flashing using Odin factory reset my phone?

Thanks for suggestions and advice.


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