Is Googles new strategy to never put the Pixel 5 on sale to compete with cheaper Samsung S21’s?

In the past, Google /Best Buy would run several promos per year that would eventually get me to upgrade. I’ve seen only the black friday sale, and I believe they did a $5 off a payment plan another time. Although I could have missed a sale or two, but I check once a week.

As you can see, below the S21 small form factor, (which is something I seek in my next phone) is much cheaper. It’s been consistty cheaper for weeks, yet much more powerful and better specs. I’ve even seen the S21 Ultra come close to the P5 pricing a few times.

You may suggest that the P5 is flying off the the shelf but I highly doubt so. I asked one associate and he said the often go days without ever activating one.

I wonder if they are just stuck in a jam with Pixel 4a right below and they can’t lower the price of the P5 because of the P4a.

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