Is it too big?

I was tossed between this and a Flip3. After getting my hands on them both, I’m pleasantly in love with my Flip3.
The fold is a VERY impressive piece of technology, indeed. And we’re all looking for different things in our phone usage. But the Fold3 display is untouchable. Speed, amazing. It just wasn’t what i was looking for in a new phone.

But are you Fold3 owners finding it simply cumbersome? Obviously, it is when compared to a Flip. But I mean as in compared to your previous phones. (not previous Fold models).

Besides the physical size, it’s heavy. There’s no way it’s going to comfortably go in a pants pocket. Or bobble around in a pair of hospital scrubs like a small animal in there.

I mean, I’m just asking, do you have to carry it in your hands everywhere?

Sincerely not being critical cause I hate phone haters. I’m just wondering does it become ‘odd’ to have to accommodate it’s size or you guys just pocket it and go like any other phone we’re all obsessed with owning?

OMG, Becky..look at his phone.
It’s so big.

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