is my battery for replacement?

Hi guys.
I’ve charged the phone via some Samsung wireless charger (5V,2A) for like 3 hours (only 50%).
I just wanted to test for first time wireless charging time.
I can not find OEM Samsung wireless charger here for my phone.
When I took off the phone from pad the back of the phone was very hot (not extremly hot).
Pad was hot too.
Is that normal?
Do I need some other wireless pad for this phone?

I know when the battery is hot that is not a good sign.
I did some software tests if those are to be trusted and they doesn’t report good result except Accubattery.
So how will I know if the battery is for replacement?
Phone was purchased back in fall 2019,from first user and me as a second user got it in april this year.
I wrote before that my Screen on time is around 6.5-7 h watching yt vids 1080p and light browsing,with medium brightness but with power saving mode ON.
How will I know when is the exact moment to replace my battery?
I guess I will need to use phone without it’s protection (Poetic case).With the case on the phone I don’t see if the bat is swelling or not, because this case is quite wide.
But through it I don’t see anything unusual,back cover looks normal.
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