Is the Flip a sales Flop?

I’ve been monitoring the secondary Market like eBay, swappa and Facebook Marketplace for this device including my own experience trying to sell my device. I came to the conclusion that there just isn’t much demand for this device. I had mine listed on swappa the first week of its release date and I struggle to get $700. I also had it on Facebook Marketplace and just got a bunch of low ballers and no serious interest. I’ve never really struggled too much to sell a phone as I did with the flip 3.

Even carriers like T-Mobile are now offering 699 price with activation. Give it a month or so, I’ll be expecting to see buy one get one by free by the carriers really soon.

If those are in the market for the flip 3, I suggest you wait a little bit. It won’t be long before these phones will be listed in the sub 600 price range. If you’re waiting for the custom colors and you can cancel your order I suggest you do so. By the time your custom color devices gets shipped you can probably get one of the common colors close to half the price of the custom colors.

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