Is the pro a Flagship?

I’m gonna have to pose this question to everyone and be honest with yourself when you compare it to current flagships. Is the pro really a flagship?

If you ask me I’m gonna have to say no which is why I returned mine and settled for the cheaper Pixel 6. Let’s start off with the screen… it was off to a bad start upon booting the phone. Could Google have selected a better wallpaper? The default plant wallpaper with the green accents just made my first impression of the sceeen look washed out and dull. Definitely didn’t have that wow factor a Samsung or iPhone has when I initially boot it up.

The fingerprint scanner is quite possibly the worst compared to other phones even with walk around like adding the same finger twice and cranking up the sensitivity in the settings.

The charging speeds are laughable. Sorry but I need my phone to charge a lot faster than what the pixel 6 pro was charging at.. topping off my phone is important during my lunch breaks and the pixel barely went up 4% during that time frame. Let me not get into wireless charging because it was useless.

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