Is the user name on my Google contact list attached to it or is it device specific?

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I am finally moving from my Core Prime to an A01 and of course I want my contact list from the old phone to be usable with the new one.

As it stands right now if I look at my contact list on the Core Prime it has my name as the first one on the top of the list.

My question is, is that name attached to the contacts or will the list show the new name I want to use on the A01?

Example: right now the contact list shows Sammy6 as the user name, all other names are under it in alphabetical order. When I export the list to my new A01 will the list still show Sammy6 at the top? Or will it show the name I will be using on the new device?

If I can’t get it to show the new name the A01 is registered to, then I’ll have to make an entirely new contact list or will I?

Clear as mud right?

Thanks to all,



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