is there a true do not disturb mode (other than airplane)? – Android 11

The modern ‘do not disturb’ mode does most of what I want, but is still inferior to Android 4.4.5’s blocking mode. The Note 20 Ultra’s do not disturb mode should be called ‘slightly less annoying’ mode.

My problem; although it’s silent, the ringer (accept/decline) is still popping up. I have do not disturb set to allow contacts and allow messages (for text messages).

What I want: for the ringer not to pop up except on wanted calls. I sabotaged the ringer app via permissions, but that makes it hard to accept wanted calls.

99.8% of my calls are unwanted. I turned off the pause while there’s a call setting in poweramp, which should ameliorate a lot of the problem, but who wants to be bothered by Scammy McScumbagScammer? If Samsung could do a real blocking mode in 2014 why not now?

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