Is there anything about the Note 20 Ultra which you don’t like?

Full disclosure; I’ve only had mine for a week. I’m excited about this model! I did so much research to pick the phone, even choosing it over the 21 Ultra (which also sounds like it’s a very nice phone).

I’m loving 99% of the phone; there’s a lot to love. Are there any features you’re not enamored with? I sure would like a headphone jack, I have fairly serious problems making and maintaining a stable .m3u playlist on this model (can one use other types of playlists, such as .pla on this model, and if so, how?), and there could be a better notification light.

The curved glass was part of the reasons, albeit one of the minor ones, that I chose the 20 Ultra (the edge lighting for notifications). However, the curve is a PITA sometimes. It makes it relatively difficult to change the
file order in the Samsung Music app.

There are apps to mimic a notification light. Which ones are the best?

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