Issues connecting phone to AA (and car in general)

Until recently I’ve had no issues with connecting my phone to my car and AA. However over the past few weeks I’ve been unable to even connect my phone to my car. At first I thought it was because of an update I did to AA, but I’ve rolled a few times and it won’t connect. I’ve also tried to troubleshoot whether it’s my cord or my car, but literally ever other combination works (my phone works in other cars using the same/different cord, other phones work in my car using the same/different cord).

On my car I’ve reset the factory default settings and that didn’t do anything either. At this point I’m thinking I’ll have to go to the dealer, but I don’t even know if they’ll be able to fix it. Any ideas?

Phone is Sony Xperia XZ1
Car is Mazda3 2020

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