Issues With Google Photos After Android 12 Update

Hi all,

My wife has the Pixel 4a and a few days ago I updated it to Android 12. Since then her photos weren’t backing up to in Google Photos. I looked up the problem in Google and followed the suggestions I found such as clearing cache, clearing data, uninstalling the latest update for the app, removing the account.

Her old phone, the pixel 3a had the same issue on Android 12 and I got that to work by doing the things I said above. I tried to do the exact same thing on the 4a and it seemed like it was going to work. All the pictures showed up in the app and done new pictures backed up but then they stopped again. I waited a while and they still weren’t backing up so I started over but only a few pictures she took yesterday are in there.

Has anyone else had an issue since updating to Android 12? Or can anyone offer any other suggestions?

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