It’s also a tiny laptop

One advantage I haven’t heard much rattle about is the fact that you can partially open the Flip and it sits nicely on a desktop. Or it sits opened up and angled like a laptop on any flat surface like my lap/pillow to surf on while I’m multitasking on the couch after work and watching a movie and asking the wife who stabbed that dude because I was also scrolling Google news and my email on my zflip tiny laptop when said dude got shanked.

That stance of the phone also makes selfies incredibly easier.

This is a perk that comes with the flip that makes it more usable. I would think that behemoth Fold would do it also. I was considering that phone but once I put it in my pocket at Best Buy to try out, I was suspicious of needing a hip replacement from the dangling weight of it in my jeans pocket.
Or sitting down I’d have to keep taking it out like I did my Note 10 or risk impaling my lower abdomen with the new one.

Just giving props to the propability of the new Zflip3!

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