Jump on the Z Fold 3 or wait for the S22U with Spen silo?

I currently have the S21 Ultra. Amazon has the unlocked US version for $1500 now which is a great price and you get it in a couple days.

I’m tempted, BUT as we know the S22 ultra comes out in Feb which is soon and shoudl have the Spen silo build in and the large, boxy screen and will have better specs than the older Fold that’s been out since late Aug.

Should I wait and see what the S22 specs are and then see if there are better deals then? If I want a Z fold 3 I would think even better deals right before the S line launches in late Jan.

I know the camera isn’t nearly as good as the S21 Ultra.

Flossy and Saki say keep the S21 Ultra if you already on it and wait to see what the S22 Ultra/Note offers.

I know Samsung.com offers better trade in value BUT I think I want to keep the S21 Ultra as a backup phone and Amazon being 300 cheaper is a huge savings and easier to deal with if you have an issue like shipped broken device, etc. Much easier than dealing with Sammy customer support.

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