Just pulled the trigger on the pixel 5

I currently have the s21 base model but I always wanted the pixel 5. It was the first time a pixel really appealed to me with design and size.

I really like the s21 but I don’t really need all those fancy features that it comes with. I didn’t pull the trigger on the 5 because I didn’t have the money for it to pay up front and it wasn’t offered by my carrier. Tonight I was bored and applied for google financing and was approved. I clicked that big fat order button right away lol.

Part of me wonders if I should wait for the 6 but if it is the first pixel with its in house processor I think I want to skip that for a while and let the bugs get fixed.

The good thing about this reckless purchase is that the delivery date isn’t until the end of august. If more comes out on the pixel 6 in the next month I have plenty of time to cancel the order and or just return the 5.

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